Pregnancy Wishes for Sister – Congratulations Messages

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister: The body of a woman is one of the most powerful institutions which is capable of giving birth to a new life. The beginning of a new life starts with a pregnancy journey, which brings love, wholesomeness, joy. This joy spreads when it is your sister who is expecting. The first news of welcoming a new mommy to be in the family might be overwhelming, but this also brings the responsibility of sending wishes for a pregnant sister. If you are struggling thinking about how to wish a pregnant sister, we are glad about today’s serving of pregnancy wishes for sisters. Kindly scroll below to find the rest.

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

May God makes my sweet sister’s pregnancy journey joyous, easy and safe. Congratulations beautiful!

May your upcoming baby bring you a lot of happiness in life. I wish you may found your heaven within the child. Happy pregnancy!

You are going to enter into a new phase of life. And as a mother, you have to take more responsibility. I wish you all the best with joy.

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Heartiest congratulations on expecting. May God fill your house with laughter and tiny steps with lots of love my dear. Love you.

God has created a new path for you to walk on and I wish you all the best for this most amazing journey. Congratulations my dear sister.

No matter what growing inside your tummy, my nephew or niece. I’m just excited thinking that we will make the best gang and be the perfect partner in crime.

When I brought any gift for you, your excitement being Over-abundance. Now the most precious gift is waiting for you. Congratulations on being in a family way! May God bless you.

Hey Sister, when I came to know about your pregnancy news, I really can’t wait for the time when I hold my nephew’s hand and make him able to walk. Congrats on your pregnancy.

Sister, you are going to be a witness of the happiest moment of the universe. I wish you the best of health and happy pregnancy.

You have no idea about my excitement! The news of your pregnancy makes me the happiest person. I can’t believe that someone will call me Sweet Uncle.

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Congratulations to you for expecting. May God make your special journey a beautiful experience. Cannot wait to meet my favorite nephew/niece.

I am not praying for a baby boy or a baby girl. I am only praying to God for a sound baby. May Almighty keep him/her with the blessing.

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My heart is so happy that God has blessed you with this wonderful miracle. Best wishes and congratulations my sister. Lots of love.

Hello dear, welcome you to the mother’s community. You are going to be a proud member of here a few months later. Take the best care of you and the life growing inside you.

My dear sis, I am sure you will be the best mother. Take special care of your health.

Being mother is marvelous! Now get ready for taking more responsibility. Congratulations on becoming pregnant and I wish God continue to bless you.

Best of luck to your husband for tackling your mood swings. May the odds be in his favor! Congratulations sis.

I hope another brain in your body makes you a bit smarter than before. Have a happy and safe pregnancy ahead.

Pregnancy Congratulations Messages for Sister

If you have never seen the incredible beauty of the world, then stand before the mirror and look at you now. Congrats on your pregnancy.

Life without a baby is like a Tree without leaves. You bring the news of happiness. Congratulations on getting pregnant.

On your marriage ceremony, I attended without any gift, but on the news of your pregnancy, you deserved a wonderful gift from me and I will not cheat you. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Congratulations on your pregnancy sister. Best wishes for the beginning of the end of your free time.

Let your heart be filled with all the joys of the world. You are going to be a mother. It is the best feeling of the universe. Talk the best care for you and I’m wishing you the best.

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I can’t believe that you are going to be a mother! Now, I am expecting that my careless sister will be the most caring mother. Congratulations!

You always looked for a job. Now, the new job is waiting for you. The baby in your tummy is the office’s boss and you have to be a very obedient servant.

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I can’t wait for the day that I can finally call myself as Uncle. Take care of yourself and make sure that the baby remains healthy.

Congratulations dear sister and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy. It is the perfect time to make your husband doing all the chores.

Dear sister, Congratulations for being pregnant. I am going to be the coolest uncle. As I am a bike rider, so there is coming to a very skilled bike rider in our family.

My dear Sister, I really have never seen a lazy person like you in my whole life. It’s the ending time of your laziness. Be ready for my upcoming nephew. Happy pregnancy!

Sister Pregnancy Wishes From Brother

You are becoming three from two and I cannot wait to see you. Hope you are enjoying every moment of it. Congratulations.

I cannot wait to meet you after hearing the good news. Congrats my dear sister.

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I know you are so much worried that you are getting fat day by day. But at this time don’t try to control diet. Take a healthy meal and best care of yourself. Happy pregnancy!

Thank you for giving me the chance to become the coolest uncle in the world. Congratulations to us.

Do you know my sister? What’s the best achievement of one’s life? It is being a parent. So, you are on the way of the best achievement. I wish you will be the best mom.

I am going to learn how to change diapers with your husband because you know you need your brother there to manage the little munchkin. Congrats brat.

Sister Pregnancy Wishes From Sister

I always imagine you to be the most amazing mother in the world. Now I cannot wait to see my imagination coming into reality. Congrats dear sister.

I wish you all the happiness and blessings for this amazing phase of your life. Congratulations on conceiving. Cannot wait to see you and give a hug to you my dear sister. Best wishes.

Congratulations on this one-of-a-kind journey of yours, my sister. I cannot wait to meet the baby on board.

You will have no periods for next 9 months. Sister, I envy you more than ever! Congratulations sweety.

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Congratulations dear sis for this wonderful moment. Your journey as a woman is going to have a beautiful turn and we all will be there with you. Have a beautiful pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Wishes for 1st/2nd Time and Twin

Many many congratulations on your first time conception. You would be the most amazing mother and I already know this. Love you sissy.

Little star is on the way and we cannot wait to have her/him in our arms. Congratulations sweety. Your future first one will be a beautiful baby. Mark my word.

Do not forget about us while waiting for your first parcel from the strokes. Congrats my sweet sister. So happy for you.

What is better than having a baby is having another one on the way. Congratulation prettiness. I am so happy for you.

I cannot wait to see your house filled up with more laughter, scream, tantrums and joy. Congratulations on being pregnant again.

image 76 Pregnancy Wishes for Sister – Congratulations Messages

Congratulations on completing your trial period with your firstborn and having a second in your tummy. Lots of love for my upcoming nephew/niece.

Accept our heartiest congratulations on your miraculous journey. Not every day you are going to have a twin. So happy for you sister.

Expecting a baby is hard; expecting twin is harder. But God and we will make your pregnancy journey comfier. Best wishes my lovely sister.

You will have double trouble and double happiness and we cannot be happy enough for you. Congratulations dear.

The delightful news of becoming an uncle or aunt is overwhelming but the delight starts with wishing your sister with heartwarming words. The wishes we mentioned are different in tastes; some are quirky, funny, heartfelt, warm, and jolly but all lead to one goal: bringing the same joyous feeling in the house. We hope our messages can connect with your emotions and brings delights in welcoming the new mommy-to-be. Use these pregnancy wishes in a conversation over the phone, face to face, in a heartfelt letter, email, text, notes with flowers, gifts, or in anyways your heart wants. Just never miss the chance to bring a smile on the new mommy-to-be’s face.