Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend – Farewell Quotes for Her

Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend: Having to say goodbye to a dear one always leaves a bitter feeling in our hearts, as farewells carry the burden of uncertainty. But, if love is pure and strong enough, it will survive every barrier is placed in front of it! If your girlfriend is moving abroad or has parted ways with you, send her a goodbye message that speaks for the depth of your love. Let her know about your feelings through goodbye text for her or letters and pour your emotions over! Below is a compilation of emotional and heart-touching goodbye messages for girlfriend that you could take inspiration from!

Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend After Breakup

Even if we’re not together anymore, I wish you happiness in your life ahead. Goodbye!

This is my last message to you. To the woman I had given my heart, it still beats for you!

We might not be in each other’s lives anymore, but I’ll forever cherish our sweet moments. You had made me happy like nobody else, and I’ll miss you!

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The most painful thing in this world is to say goodbye to the one that means the world to you. I never thought I would ever have to go through this pain.

I couldn’t find words to make you understand how much pain I’m feeling right now. You were everything to me and now I have nothing!

You may have a thousand reasons to blame it on me, but deep inside, You and I both know how madly we still want to be together!

Sometimes, God takes away the one thing that you need most in life. But I guess I’m already used to it by now. Goodbye, my love!

Goodbye just doesn’t mark the end of a chapter but also paves the way for a new beginning. My heart will always remember you!

My heart is full of sadness, but I won’t let it cry. Because I know every ending carries a promise for yet another beginning. Goodbye my love!

We have reached the end of our journey, but I will never forget you. Farewell, dear one.

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Farewell to you. I’d never regret falling in love with you and will always cherish you.

We part our ways here, but I will forever miss the way you would fit perfectly into my arms! Goodbye, dear, you will always be alive in my heart!

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My love will not fade just because you are not with me. It will be the same regardless of where you are and what you do. Goodbye my love!

The key to my heart is just irreplaceable and the only true owner of it is you. Thank you for all the time you have given me. Goodbye!

I don’t want us to be apart with just a simple goodbye. I want to hug you for the last time and let you know my heart still beats only for you!

You are free to forget even my name and my face. But if you ever remember the times we shared together, just know that you’re always welcome back!

I feel empty and sad as I wave goodbye to the person I love most. But I won’t let my tears to be the reason that holds you back. Goodbye, my dear!

Goodbye Messages for Moving Abroad or Going Away

Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. Be safe, my love.

Each day without seeing your face will be painful to bear. Here goes my goodbye, dear.

Without you, nobody will be here to hold my hand and make it warm. I’ll miss you, baby.

You might be miles apart from me, but my heart will keep beating for you. Farewell, love.

Your lovely smile and warm touches will be terribly missed every day! Take care, babe.

Distance will only strengthen our love, so don’t worry, baby! Go chase your dreams!

Babe, even if it takes years to return, you will always find me waiting back here! I love you!

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My heart isn’t ready to bid you farewell, but I want your happiness the most! Goodbye, love!

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Your departure leaves a terrible emptiness in my heart! How will I pass each day, love?

Baby, you were the best thing of my life, and I will be shattered to bid you farewell!

Goodbye, my dear. Your absence will create an everlasting aching gap in my soul!

You can be miles away but memories will always stay close to my heart! Farewell, love!

Sweet goodbye to you, darling. My heart weeps to see you leaving my side!

Goodbyes are always painful, but even more when you’re on the other side! I’ll miss you!

Emotional Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend

You will always remain to be the brightest and most beautiful star in my world. I hope to meet you again and again as long as I’m alive. Goodbye!

You can go as far from me as you can, but the memories of you will always be here with me as long as I’m alive. Goodbye!

You mean the whole world to me. You are everything I live for and everything I’d die for. I only wish I could make you stay with me forever!

Losing you was the worst nightmare in my life. Now, saying goodbye to you forever is the biggest pain I ever had in my entire life!

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Life Grants everyone a second chance. I’ll be looking forward to having that second chance with you. Goodbye for now!

You came into my life and made it complete with happiness and joy. Now your departure is leaving me with a lot of sadness and a big void. Goodbye!

You are leaving a hole in my heart that could never be filled with anything. I’m sad but all I want is your happiness. Goodbye!

If you were never meant to be mine, why did you come into my life in the first place? I wish you had an answer to that. Goodbye!

Last Message to Girlfriend

If you could just see what’s going on inside my heart, you’d never want to leave me. But I guess you never loved me enough to see it through! Goodbye!

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Our paths may well have been divided, but I want to believe that true love always finds its own way for two reunite lovers. Goodbye till then!

If my tears can’t stop you from leaving me, no amount of love can ever keep you with me. I wish all the best for you. Goodbye my dear!

You were always my first priority. I wish you knew how much love I had for you. I’ll always pray for you no matter what. Goodbye!

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You were the only person in this world that I loved more than I loved myself. You were too blind to see that and too numb even to feel that! Goodbye!

Yes, I’m sad. But what makes me smile is seeing how happy you are without me. Goodbye to you, my love. May you be happy forever!

You are the reason why I feel complete all the time. The distance may take you away from me, but it cannot erase the memories of you from my mind! Goodbye!

Saying Goodbye to your loved ones is so painful. You could feel heartache when it comes to saying goodbye to your girlfriend when going abroad for work, leaving away for college, or on a trip. And when your relationship has just been ended, it’s even more painful. If you have recently experienced a distance or a breakup of your girlfriend’s relationship, you might want to find some proper goodbye messages for her farewell. You don’t have to be rude while saying some last words to her. Instead of complaining or ranting about all the cons of your relationship, try something modest and appropriate words while saying goodbye to her. Your relationship is special and every relationship deserves a proper goodbye in times of short or long separation.